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Picture of Spizz with caption SPIZZ NOT DEAD SHOCK - Its safe to turn images on, there are no big ones!  

This site was designed by Andrew Skudder he decided to leave this behind when he moved to his new ISP. It was hosted by Pinnacle but has now lapsed. He is now with a new ISP There is now the official Spizz site at where all the latest news etc. can be found. This site has been re-edited by Ken Macleod .
By the way... sorry about the sound files. They were all done back when MP2 was state of the art and Andrew Skudder's computer at the time struggled with even that, so don't expect to find any high bitrate MP3 files here. In fact some are also no longer functioning. They will weeded out over time. If you find a fault pop an email to us so we can sort it out. Thanks


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