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Significant amounts of trivial information!

This is the page for all the general information not covered by the news or music sections. By the time its finished it should be stuffed full of goodies! Already there is plenty to see, with just a few gaps waiting to be filled.

Goodies !

Just the fax m'am..

At long last, and by popular demand... stuff you can buy! People have been asking me about t-shirts, badges etc. for ages and now we are starting to see some goodies.
Sleeve pic for the model
How to get all your Spizz news by fax directly from Spizz himself. A new service for UK-based fans in 1998.

Biography Band Names
Press Pack

The story of the man and the bands, mostly taken from the cover booklet of the Unhinged CD, and including various photos from record covers.
So you think you know all the annual name-changes?
Here's a complete list of all the names used over the years.

The contents of the current Spizz press pack, which includes a shorter biography, and a table of unusual Spizz activities.


Yet another biography... ...but this time its in a cartoon/comic-strip format. Drawn by Spizz himself.
The other musicians - a future attraction. Its going to take a bit of work to suss out who did what, and when.
These are scans of some of Spizz's own snaps which do not appear on any record covers.

Record Companies
Music Sellers

Names and addresses of record companies which have released Spizz material, including e-mail addresses and/or links to web sites if they have one.
Addresses and links to companies which are more likely to stock Spizz records - even the original vinyl singles! The place to look if you are after more than the recent compilation CDs.
Would you like Spizz's music anyway?
An idiosyncratic list of artists who I think are similar to Spizz in some way.


Instead of the similarities, you could just download some MPEG or WAV samples of songs and hear for yourself what the music sounds like.
The Spizz newsletter. The text of a newsletter Spizz sent out in August 1996.
A colour magazine knocked up by Spizz on his Mac in March 1997, featuring some archive photos and an example of Spizz's art.

Where are they now?

Or rather, where were they then... an article from Q magazine in 1990 which traced what the original Spizzenergi members were up to at that time.
Spizz's other favourite activity. Links to sites concerned with the team Spizz supports, photo's of Spizz with some of their players, and other footie-related stuff.
Snail-mail address for Spizz. Fans can write to Spizz care of Polymedia.
NEW Email address for Spizz.

Crystal Ball

Links to relevant and tasteful sites. Relevant because most of them should appeal to Spizzy-type people, and tasteful because most of them have links back to this site!
Some cuttings from the British press.
Future plans for this site. A few ideas I have for possible additions to this site. If you come up with any other ideas let me know.

About these pages

These pages were designed by Andrew Skudder and edited by Ken Macleod. Produced as a free service to any Spizz fans out there. You can find my own home page as soon as we have it.

And, most importantly, I need help to make this site known to the people who might find it useful. If you have a music or Star Trek related site, why not link to these pages? In return I'll put a link back to your page here.

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