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The Music

This is the real nitty-gritty! Here are lists of:

All the singles

With cover pictures, catalogue numbers, track lists, and links to separate pages for each track.

All the albums
With cover pictures, catalogue numbers, recording info, track lists and track times - including compilation albums on which Spizz tracks and cover versions appear. Plus links to separate pages for each track.

All the songs
With lyrics, recording info, musicians, availability, and sound samples to download for some selected songs.

Live performances
Including live sessions on the radio, and TV appearances. Not a lot there yet - but I have plans...

All cross-referenced and linked to each other, of course. This is all the information I have available - where there is a blank space it means I do not know: if you can fill any of those blanks then tell me.

If you are just interested in what MPEG and WAV sound samples are available for downloading, there is no need to hunt through all the individual song pages - there is a sound clips page which lists all the available samples with summary information about file sizes, sample length and versions.