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All the news from planet Spizz

The news is that there ain't going to be any more news here. Most of the links below will not work any more - they are all for old webspace accounts of Spizz's. The only place to go for up-to-date news is

[NEXT] [NEXT] 30th March 2000

Spizz's personal website just keeps getting more impressive and puts the shabby graphics here to shame. Right now it is well worth visiting because he is auctioning off a load of posters going right back to the late 70's, including some real collectors' pieces.

[NEXT] [NEXT] 17th October 1999

The last Spizzenergi concert of the Millenium is on the 23rd October at the Amersham Arms in London's New Cross. Tickets are just a fiver, and the bar is open until 2am. Full details can be found at or by calling the venue on 0181-692 2047. The show has been mentioned on the radio and TV, so there should be a good crowd.

Still more good news - there is a new CD available by mail order from or at the Amersham Arms show. The CD contains previously unreleased versions of some old favourites plus rarities like the Lifestyle songs (with Claudia Brucken) and the Aston Villa and England football songs.

Alert visitors will notice that I have deleted all the really old news items from this page - not only was it getting to be a bit of a pig to load up, but it was too large to edit in notepad... maybe now I'll manage to update it more often!.

[NEXT] [NEXT] 16th August 1999

Spizz's own website ( gets even better!

It just goes to show how much you can do when you combine an art school education and lots of spare time :-) Apart from human-interest stuff about the eclipse, football and custard there is some major Spizzenergi news, namely...

Concert dates!! first of all there is an appearance in Westcliff, Essex on September 19th as part of a 3-day 'Punk Aid' charity festival, and then headlining at a Millennium Eve concert in South London - on October 23rd (!). Also on the Spizz web site is information about a new CD which should be available by the time of the concerts. More details here in the music section when I get time.

[NEXT] [NEXT] 12th May 1999

Spizz now has his own web site at

The site concentrates on his non-musical life, especially his art and football, so it complements this site quite well. Do go and have a look - the design and artwork is fantastic.

There is a new box set of 5 CDs on sale in the UK, covering punk and new wave between 1976 and 1979, featuring Where's Captain Kirk and tracks by 99 other people. Its a brilliant set -


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